French Immersion

Bonjour and Welcome to the École Sifton School French Immersion Page!

École Sifton School is a dual track school that offers a full French Immersion Program from Kindergarten (ECS) to Grade 5.

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 2 will receive instruction all in French. It is amazing how quickly students learn to understand and speak the French language when they are immersed! Don’t worry, starting in grade 3 they will begin to receive instruction in English Language Arts, and before long, students are able to read and write in both languages!

Currently, there are approximately 190 students enrolled in the French Immersion program at École Sifton School, that is over 50% of our population.

There are many supports in place to ensure students are very successful in both their French and English learning! We also have many activities that help develop the appreciation of French culture throughout the year for all students who attend École Sifton School!

If would like more information about the French Immersion Program at École Sifton School, please contact Mr. Ramsay or Mrs. Glidden.