Programs & Services

English Program​

École Sifton School is a dual-track school with both English and French programs from kindergarten to grade 5 in the same building.  By hearing and interacting with the students and teachers of the Immersion program, and enjoying the professional French cultural performances and events, the children in the regular English program gain an appreciation and acceptance of another language and culture while receiving their education fully in English.

French Immersion Program

École Sifton School offers students an exciting and effective way to develop their French language skills through our French Immersion program.  This program is open to all students and has two entry points: kindergarten or grade 1.The French Immersion program provides students with the opportunity to become functionally fluent in French.  In a French Immersion program, students follow the Programs of Study set by Alberta education, but receive their instruction in French for a significant part of the school day. This program is designed for students whose first language is not French.

Special Programs

A variety of special education programs are available to help provide students the type of support they may require as specified in their Individual Program Plans.

We have a strong music program at Sifton.  As well, the school is well equipped to help students meet the outcomes of the Information and Communication Technology curriculum.